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Getting to know me... through my Butters!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of my most asked questions is where did my Biscuits and Butter come from?! And the answer is so simple; when creating, the first person that I channel is my beautiful grandmother, Del Marie. Before her passing, every great memory that I have of her involved the kitchen and her amazing creations. I don't ever remember her following a cook book or specific recipe, but mostly checking the cabinets to see what was there and voila; there was a masterpiece on the table in no time. This is the exact process that I used in creating my first butter; Strawberry Butter Kim's Way, with my easy homemade biscuits. There was not much in the cabinets or fridge and this was during a trying time for my family, but what do moms do? We keep everyone going! That one morning with some worship music and a few not so delicious attempts later; the entire house was full, happy and another masterpiece was added to the It's Bliss Family.

I want every family that we encounter and that allows us to serve them to feel the amount of love that we put into every experience and the gratitude that we feel being a part of a memorable moment. We take no part of our process for granted.

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